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- Powerful root and growth stimulator
- Improved development of stems, root system, and plant tissue
- Boosts micro-life populations and strength
- Increases water retention, cation/anion exchange, and growing medium structure
- Improves cellular development of stems
- Comprised of humic acid derived from Leonardite, a natural source of humic acid
- Increases the uptake of micronutrients
- Use throughout the vegetative phase of growth & into the first week of flowering

Directions for use: Use for the entire vegetative phase of growth & week 1 of flowering at the rate of 1Mlper gallon. Use alone at the rate of 1Mlper liter for a dedicated seedling or rooted clone drench. Dilute at the rate of 1: 100 or 10Mlper liter for a root dip solution for transplanting rooted cuttings.

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