Botanicare ReadyGro Aeration Formula 1.75 cu ft

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    The combination of premium coir and perlite provides your roots with an optimal air to water ratio, for superior growth rates and yields. This formula is specifically designed for automated watering programs.

    Our Coir base provides high cation exchange and superior moisture retention. Natural and organic-based inputs deliver trace minerals that help your roots uptake nutrients

    The aeration blend is specifically designed for frequent watering programs. Readygro Aeration is formulated to allow more oxygen to reach the root zone. This helps aerobic bacteria to thrive and increases the breakdown of organic and mineral based matter making them more readily available to your crops.

    • Designed for frequent watering programs.
    • Very low salt content.
    • Perfect for indoor or outdoor plants.
    • Natural and organic-based inputs.
    • High cation exchange rate which is essential to the media’s ability to hold nutrients. Hydrated with yucca extract as a natural wetting agent.
    • Soilless media may require fertilization from transplant.

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