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    Preserve the overall quality of your cannabis with the Boveda size 8 humidity control pack for cannabis 62% 20-count. Without proper humidity control, cannabis product can dry out over time and lose essential oils that carry terpenes and cannabinoids. This can degrade the flavor, smell, and potency of your product overtime. The humidity control pack restores and maintains the flower in an ideal humidity range, which offers the best possible condition over the duration of its shelf-life.

    Controlling the humidity level consistently at 62% RH, the package creates a protective monolayer of purified water molecules that coat the trichomes. This shields the terpenes and cannabinoids and seals in all the natural salts and water inside the flower to maintain freshness for up to 4 months of storage. Made with all-natural ingredients, the pack is safe to come into contact with product.

    The size 8 is designed for refreshing up to 1 oz. of cannabis product within small jars, tins, and bags. Store the Boveda packaging in an airtight container (sold separately) to ensure the results. If product sits longer than the recommended lifespan of the humidity control pack, you can just replace it to further extend the flower's quality. Always provide the freshest cannabis product with this Boveda humidity control pack!

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