BuildASoil Alfalfa Seed - For Organic Sprouted Seed Tea

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Alfalfa Seeds For Seed Tea

These Organic Alfalfa seeds are specifically cleaned and ready for sprouting.

Once sprouted the Enzymes are a catalyst that assist the other nutrients and help super charge your soil. Making alfalfa tea, often known as seed tea, is a great and cheap way to give your plants something extra. These alfalfa seeds can be planted to grow alfalfa just the same as be used for our special seed tea.

Alfalfa is known to be high in Triacontanol.

"You can read a lot about the alfalfa compound (auxin) Triacontanol which is found in alfalfa meal. What gets lost in the discussion is that the sprouting alfalfa’s production of this auxin is at its maximum meaning that go gently into that good night if you choose to sprout alfalfa seeds. Start with 1/2 the amount you would with most other seeds." -Clackamas Coots

Instead of buying an expensive enzyme product in a bottle, you can make your own!

Super Sprouted Tea Version 2.0: (Credit to some old Coot)

28 Grams Alfalfa Seed (1 Ounces)
Soak for 8 hours with Clean Water
Should now weigh minimum 42 Grams (If not soak longer)

Sprout seeds until tail is as long as the seed or about 1-2 days. 

Blend in a food blender or whatever you have with a little but of water to help it blend.

Add this to 5 gallons water and you have one of the worlds most nutritious Plant Enzyme Teas available for PENNIES.

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