CVault Humidity Curing Storage Container

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CVault Is the truest airtight stash jar available thanks to its silicone seal and latch design. It offers curing perfection and 2-way humidity control for home growers & commercial cultivars alike!

Cure and store your harvest in the stackable CVault humidity controlled container - Includes Boveda humidity pack

Each CVault humidity control conainer comes with 1 60 gram 62% Boveda humidity pack that attaches to the indside lid of the container, ensurign freshness at all times.

CVault container

Old school lunch boxes, mason jars, and decorative vases are just a few of the most common secret stash jars typically used for your flower. But, what if there was a solution to old secret stash jars, like a specialized container that was both secretive, smell-proof, and entirely stack-able in the case of storing large quantities. There are all kinds of cute secret stash jars online ranging from Sprite cans, Pringles tubes, and even fake power surge protectors. However, the problem with these novelty secret stash jars is that they typically lack a true airtight seal, and almost never have humidity control.

There are a variety of reasons to want a secret stash container for your product that also protects your delicate flower. Whatever the case, there’s an abundance of containers available for the explicit purpose of secretly stashing your product away. One of the most sought after containers is, of course, the CVault. With personal and commercial containers ranging in sizes from a smal, there’s definitely a CVault for any occasion.

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