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C4 is an addition for blooming or flowering plants. It encourages the production of oil and sugar.

C4 is an advanced bloom stimulator designed to assist the plants’ delivery of carbohydrates, macro and micronutrients, and trace minerals to developing flowers and facilitate the triggering and maturation of complex essential oils appropriate for the early and mid stages of flower development.

When used with Basis A&B it alters the NPK to have a higher phosphorus and potassium levels to help initiate growth of fruits and flowers. C4 is predominately organic and has zero biological activity, allowing it to work in conjunction with beneficial biologics to feed tender flower sites and maintain overall health of the plant.

C4 is responsible for:

  • Quicker and more abundant fruit set
  • Promotion of plant growth and vitality
  • Increased oil and sugar production
  • Development of denser, harder and heavier fruit and flowers
- Sophisticated blend of macro/micro nutrients, bio-stimulants, carbohydrates, and trace minerals
- Guaranteed heavier and higher quality yields
- Produces massive amounts of essential oils and sugars
- Compatible with all growing medium and watering methods

Use at 4mL per 1 gallon starting week 2 of bloom through week 6.

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