OxyDoser PUREair Bubble Generator

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    The OxyDoser PUREair Bubble Generator produces bubbles and Oxygen Saturation using two different techniques at the same time while using only the power of a low wattage Hydroponic Water Pump. The OxyDoser PUREair can also be converted from low pressure to high pressure to make smaller bubbles and can be used with either normal air or compressed Oxygen. The OxyDoser gives you both Bubble and Gas Saturation Technologies in one unit.

    - Increased Oxygen Saturation resulting in more root growth, thus increasing yields
    - Increased Oxygen Saturation resulting in less pathogens such as root rot
    - Production of MicroBubbles with an Ionic Charge
    - Large Capacity - approximately 200 gallons of full Oxygen Saturation
    - Displacement of other contaminate gases present in the Water
    - 85% less heat generated from the 250 gph water pump
    - No Air Compressor Noise, you only hear water flowing
    - Flowing water from device serves to mix and evenly distribute Oxygen Saturated Fluid

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